Basic Manicure $15 

Includes Cut, shape nails, cuticles, massage and polish

Premium Manicure $25 

Basic manicure, Orange sea salt scrub and paraffin dip

Milk and Honey $30 

Honey scrub and mask, massage with butter creme and hot towel

Vanilla plum $35 

Vanilla and Wild plum scrub and mask, massage with vanilla lotion and hot towel, collagen glove

Manicure w/Gel Color $30 

Take off with service $5 

Take off without service $10 


(Extra $15 For The Gel)

Basic Pedicure $30 

Gel Pedicure $45 

Includes Cut, Shape, Cuticle trim, scrub, light massage and polish

Premium Pedicure $35 

Basic Pedicure with Callus removed and your choice of sea salt scrub

Runner Pedicure  

Removed dry skin lavender sugar scrub and your feet will indulge in warm paraffin treatment which & reliever arthritis pain and muscle-aches

Exotic Mango (No callus remove) $40 

Enjoy a delicious fragrant treatment, inspired by tropical fruits, this sweet & authentic experience come with hot towel and its own signature lotion

Summer Fresh $45 

Introducing excitement and romance with rose champagne this experience induces callus removal scrub. mask and hot towel

Lime Zest $45 

The invigorating aroma of lime is sweet and soothing is this lime zest treatment which includes a warm mask and massage with lime zest hydrating lotion

Ginger Lime $45 

This breathtaking experience come with a mixture of jasmine & rose oil, Organic ginger root sesame seeds, coconut milk, lime & honey

Pina Colada $45 

An Unbelievably fresh blend of the juicy pineapple & fresh coconut packs a tropical punch to get feet super smooth, nourished & hydrated

Vanilla & Wild Plum $50 

Vanilla & Wild plum with anti-Oxidants and skin regenerating, ingredient, this super hydrating mask scrub, and lotion, softens, rejuvenates and brightens the skin

Eucamint $50 

The clean, crisp, herbal, combination of eucalyptus mint makes this scent perfect, mint has a relaxing aroma and never fails to stimulate the senses

Milk and Honey $50 

Infuse your skin with milk proteins that soften and condition while the natural expectant of honey hydrates and nourishes your skin with milk and honey scrub, mask and massage with creme butter

Ocean Refresh $55 

Refresh & Cool, deep sea nutrition helps increase circulation, peppermint gives the feet a cooling sensation followed by a warm paraffin treatment leaving your feet feeling revitalized

Jasmine soothe $55 

Soothe and purity, jasmine help in treating dehydrated skin. It's aroma also helps soothe the body and mind followed by a warm paraffin treatment leaving your feet feeling revitalized

Vitamin Recharge & Jelly Packager $65 

Recharge your feet with vitamin C, vitamin C slows The rate of the radical damage which cause skin dryness and wrinkles

Charcoal Powder Detox $65 

Detox made easy, deep cleanses your skin with activated charcoal powder, draws bacteria, toxins, and dirt to the surface of the skin for a clear complexion, paraffin treatment included

Full Set

Natural Acrylic $28 

FS Gel + Gel Color $45 

FS Powder Color $55 

FS Liquid Gel $55 

FS Ombre Powder $55 

FS Pink & White $50 


Fill Acrylic $18 

Fill Gel + Gel Color $35 

Fill Powder Color $45 

Fill Liquid Gel $45 

Fill Ombre Powder $45 

Fill Pink & White $40 

Fill Pink Only $30 

Extra Charge May Apply

Full Set with Long Nails $5 & up

Repair $3 & up

Cut Down or Charge Shape $3 & up

Take off $10 & up

Dipping Silk

$5 Extra with manicure
Dipping powder is perfect for those looking, for a more healthy, approach to nail. It is lightweight flexible, durable, non-toxic, odor free, environment-friendly, calcium and vitamin E fortified

Dipping Full Set $45 

Overlay $40 

Facial and Skin Care Treatment

Refresh Facial $45 

30 minutes basic cleaning, toning and moisturizing

Deep pure cleaning Facial $80 

Deep cleaning, extraction of blemishes

Additional Service

(Restore skin's firmness and smother out wrinkles)

Polish Change Hand $8 

Polish Change Feet $10 

Gel Polish Change Hand $20 

Gel Polish Change Feet $25 

Paraffin Hand $8 

Paraffin Feet $10 

Jelly Package $10 

Collagen Socks $10 

Collagen Gloves $10 


Eyebrow $10 

Lip $8 

Chin $10 & up

Side burn $15 & up

Face Wax $40 

Underarm $25 & up

Arm Wax $35 & up

Half Legs $40 & up

Full Legs $60 & up

Bikini $40 & up

Brazilian $50 & up

Back $50 

Kids Menu

Under 11 year old
(Basic Pedicure, sugar scrub, mask, lotion & hot towel with two nails design or fingernails painted)

Polish Hand and Toe $10 

Manicure $12 

Basic Pedicure $22 

Little Miss Pedicure $30